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Brown Dogs

Results That Last

Happy Dog

Basic Obedience Course for Canines

Fun Free Resident Learning

Passionate. Patient. Persistent. Pet-lover. These are just a few of the characteristics that describe us. We know each canine is different and we’ll work with you to give them the specific guidance they need. Whether you’re thinking about getting a canine, or already own a pet with obedience issues, We are here to help.

Two Dogs

Dog Hostel Services

Care for your Pet

Our Hostel services provide space enough for your pet to enjoy his stay while you are away. Your pet has plenty of potential to learn and understand how to behave with other humans and friendly canines, our techniques will keep your pet happy and away from all anxiety issues.

Booking App

If you have already registered Click Here to download the App for ease of Booking

Hostel forDogs Cats and Birds

Outdoor Exercise Programs

Bursting that pent up energy

Every pet loves to run around free play around with fellow canines and burst that pent-up energy.  We ensure that each pet gets the adequate exercise it needs with open space and hurdles for them to run jump and build their muscles.  Thus making them calm and submissive when they are at home.

Little Puppies

Anxiety Issues

Personalized and Professional

If your canine needs help with a specific physical or behavioral issue and have anxiety issues, we would love to work with him to find out the triggers that lead to such anxiety and rid them of the same.  A Happy canine at home is wonderful and creates more positivity in the surroundings.

Lazy Dog
Dogs Swimming at Pune Pet Park

Daily Swim Runs

Exclusive Swim Session Runs

Our Exclusive Swim Run Sessions bring your Canine to Pune Pet Park Swimming Pool where extensive aqua training is carried out.  Swimming is one of the best exercises your canine can have besides a daily walk.  The Pool is the largest in the country has a 5-stage water filter and is enough for almost 15 canines to swim at a time, thus healthily creating a bond with one another and making new swim buddies.

The Swim Run includes a Pick and Drop facility for your pet. You may choose from Daily, weekly, or monthly packages for the swim run, these are however planned in advance and cannot be booked upfront.  To Book, an upfront Swim session Click Here

Agressive Dog Correction at Pune Pet Park

Behavior Consulting & Correcting Bad Behaviour

Correcting Bad Behavior and Shaping Behavior

Behavior Consulting and correcting bad behavior is important to have a social loving canine.  Canines need to be taught how to behave with fellow canines and fellow human beings.  Having a Bad or Aggressive behavior puppy or canine could lead to social unpleasantness and danger both to the canine as well as his owner.

It is important to bring up your canine and to make him alert and shape his behavior to deal with situations that may arise.  Some canines although by nature are aggressive but they can be brought up to be as social as their owners would love them to be. 

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