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Canines in the wild grow up in packs and are groomed by the parent of the canine, canines in the wild learn verbal cues and body language from fellow canines.  They are protected by their mother until the age of 2-3 months thereafter the pup either understands how to live in the pack or at times gets thrown out of the pack.


Socialization for domesticated pets should start at the age of 14-16 weeks, this is the ideal age when the pup learns how to interact with strangers and other pups, every pup would react differently, hence it would be in the interest of the pet parent to groom his canine accordingly. Proper care should be taken to ensure the canine has been vaccinated and his immunity is protected.

Here are a few interesting tips to help you socialize with your canine!

1.  Go to Dog Training Classes or check on videos online that will help you train your dog, and subsequently visit a professional place where professionals are around your pet and you to avoid accidents.

2.  Learn how to walk your dog when you visit such premises, avoid tugging and reprimanding him in front of other people or fellow canines, instead use a distraction tool and engage him with a toy or something he loves doing with you, this will put your canine in a much relaxed and calm state of mind.

3.  If you are unsure about the way he would react with other canines, explain the same to a professional and ensure that he finds his place first before you go in.  At first, your canine will not like the idea of being left alone with other strange canines, so move away and give each other space.  This will certainly change the energy around him and will help him make friends with strangers and fellow canines.

4.  Do not push your canine into making friends with other people or canines they will eventually make friends with a greater bond of understanding.

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