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Canine Hostel Services in Pune
(Guidelines in Black and White)

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Plan your trip well. Our new day starts at 00.00 Hrs so even if you leave your canine at 9.00 pm you will be charged for the day, the same way even if you pick up your canine at 7.00 am you will be charged for the day. It would be ideal to drop your canine off early in the morning and pick him up late in the evening. 

Members and Non-Members have to book one day in advance, by paying a Non-refundable Booking Fee of Rs 500. This Booking Fee is adjustable in the final bill. Single Day Bookings will be charged Rs 500 per day irrespective of Breed (Not Including Special Breed)for Members and Rs 1000 per day for Non-Members.  No updates are admissible for single-day bookings but you may select other paid services like food upgrades or grooming etc.

For bookings that are done on the same day, a walk-in fee of Rs 500 will apply for the first day in addition to the applicable Boarding charges. (Applicable to Members and Non-Members)

Bookings may be confirmed within two hours or no later than 2359 hours of the same day depending on the  Internet connectivity unless the booking is for the same day where immediate confirmation will be given after payment of the relevant fee as mentioned above.

Calculation of Days

We are open 24/7, Our Days start from 0001 Hrs to 2359 Hrs.  

However, No of days for Boarding is calculated from the day you book him/her in and is counted till the last date you book him/her out. For e.g If Jack comes to us for Boarding on 20 Jan 8 pm to 23 Jan 8 am.  He will be charged for 4 days from 20 Jan to 23 Jan, irrespective of time. 

If you book a single day a flat fee of Rs 500 will be charged or the daily tariff whichever is higher. If the booking is done on the same day, the current tariff along with a walk-in fee of 500 would apply.

Check-In: We would prefer that you check your pet between 7 and 10 in the morning but no later than 1500 hours in the afternoon.  Odd-hour check-ins will have a walk-in fee applied to the same. irrespective of the time you are checking in you will be still charged for the day. No check-in will be allowed before 7 am or after 6 pm.  This timing is maintained to give the pet time to settle in before the night.


Check-out: Please be considerate to other pets and request checkout during the same timings as a check-in to avoid disturbance of routine to other pets at the hostel. No check-out will be allowed before 8 am or after 9 pm While checking out the dog will be handed over to the person booking or on the written authority of the person booking the pet.  Please do not send representatives to pick up your dog without properly authorizing them to do so. The Pet will not be handed over. Please ensure that you read our guidelines on Tick Treatment Pre Boarding and Post Boarding


Extensions and Surcharges

To request an extension WhatsApp your Extension detail to 7263900195 from your registered WhatsApp number.

No Extension Fee will be levied on the First Extension,  however, if you request a Second Extension an extension fee of Rs 500 levied, and subsequent extensions will also be charged the same way.

Extensions without intimation a charge of Rs 1000 will be levied for  Birds, Cats, and Small and Medium Dogs, and a charge of Rs 1500 will be chargeable for Large Dogs. No claims on your Pet will be accepted after a period of 15 days of extension without any intimation.  

A formal complaint will be lodged with the Animal State Welfare Board for abandoning a pet and relevant statutes applied after 30 days of stay at the park without any intimation from the owner.

Cancellation and Refunds

To request a Cancellation Please WhatsApp cancellation details to 7263900195 from your registered WhatsApp number.

If the full stay is canceled Booking Fee of Rs 500 is non-refundable. Part Stay canceled No refunds for the day after the booking has been canceled.  if a major chunk of the stay is canceled a one-day booking will be held back and the balance refunded. 

Bookings received without a booking fee will not be accepted as confirmed bookings. 

For Example 

Scenario 1   

Booking done from 20 Jul to 25 Jul,  Pet picked up on 24 Jul - No Refund. 

Scenario 2  

Booking done from 20 Jul to 25 Jul, Pet picked up on 22 Jul -  2 Days refund.

Refunds to your Account may take 30-45 days for processing depending on the availability of funds. Refunds to Google Pay numbers may be done faster.

If cancellation is done the same day refunds may take only 24 hours to process.

Cage-Free and Off-Leash

We have a cage-free environment thus enabling pets to interact with each other, an initial induction every time a pet visits the premise for the purpose of boarding or socialization ensures that pets are not hostile to each other and are not in a state of anxiety.  However, during the course of their stay, they are bound to get a few scratches or bites, as a Pet Parent you will need to Indemnify and hold harmless Pune Pet Park and its Employees from and against all claims, damages losses, and expenses, arising in any way out of or resulting from any untoward unavoidable incident during the stay of your Pet at Pune Pet Park.

Aggressive Canines: If your dog is aggressive. He will be restricted to a certain area and will need to be removed from the Park for his safety and the safety of other dogs too. This may also attract charges for any damages your dog would have caused during the period. If the dog is a member and continues to be aggressive the pet parent would be intimated and if found necessary in the interest of safety, the membership may likely be terminated, no refunds will be admissible in this case.

Canine Fights Bites/Scratches We do not take in aggressive dogs hence dogs boarding with us should have been socialized before if they have not please inform us in advance so that we can induct them into the pack accordingly. While they stay with us there is a possibility that they playfully end up with scratches while playing with each other.  This is common and is not under our control.  If you do not want your dog to interact with any other dog then you may have to opt for Premium Boarding where your dog will be looked after separately and will not be allowed to interact with other dogs.

Restricted Canines If your dog is on heat or due to coming on heat during her stay at the Park you will need to inform us in advance so that she can be quarantined for her safety and the safety of all the other dogs within the facility.  There will be an additional charge of Rs 300/- per day for the period of their stay.  Please check with us if we have space for quarantine for the stay.


Your Pet Canine will be fed with dry food only as selected in the booking form. No Home Cooked Food will be provided, hence please do not place requests for soups, ice cream, boiled chicken, etc.  

Wet Pouches from Pedigree or Royal Canin will be provided and need to be reimbursed as actuals. A request needs to be made on the form or through WhatsApp at the time of Boarding.

Food is included in the cost of the Boarding both for Members and Non-Members, however, if you have a specific food that needs to be given (Dry food only) please provide the same there will be no change in the costs of Boarding.  Some Premium Foods have an upcharge the same will be reflected in the Boarding request when you fill-up the form.

Hygiene Collar and Leash

Please ensure your pet is handed over clean with a proper shower, Pets that stay with us for more than a week will be showered and groomed before handing them over. Additional charges may apply.

Please ensure you hand over your canine with a half collar and half chain also known as a martingale collar. If the same does not adhere to us will ensure that the same is procured and will bill the same to you.

Leashes will be returned to you, only canines using our pickup services will come to the park with their leashes.

Tick Treatment Pre-Boarding and Post Boarding

Pre Boarding

Please ensure that your dog has undergone an anti-tick treatment before he reaches the Park.  If ticks are observed then we will have to conduct the same for which there will be a charge of Rs 1200/-. Once your dog leaves the Park please ensure your dog has been bathed with an anti-tick shampoo and a spray used for ticks.  This will ensure your dog remains clean and tick-free.  Temporary measures like spot-on are ineffective in an area where there are many dogs, hence please use the spray with "generic fipronil" available under various brands

Post Boarding

Post Boarding Anti-Tick Treatment, although your pet may seem clean it is imperative that the dog is bathed with an anti-tick shampoo followed by Fipronil spray as soon as he leaves the boarding facility.  This needs to be vigorously followed within 24 hours.  This will eliminate the possibility of any tick-related illness and keep the pet healthy and clean.


Please ensure that all medical records for your pet are updated. The pet needs to have his/her vaccinations updated. The Basic vaccinations that are mandatory at the Park are as follows

  • Canine 5-in-1 Vaccine covering Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type II, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus,  Leptospira Canicola, Lcterohaemorrhagiae,

  • Canine Carona Virus

  • Anti Rabies Virus

  • Kennel Cough Vaccine (Bordetella pertussis)

On every occasion your canine boards with us care are taken to ensure that the vaccinations are in order, if the same has not been done or updated in our records, the vaccination will be given and billed to you appropriately.  This will be intimated to you in advance before boarding the canine. Please check the same before bringing your canine in!

If your dog suffers from any chronic disease and requires medication, please give us the same in writing along with the medication to be given to the dog.  A Vet prescription is a must in this case and the Vet should also certify that the dog does not have a contagious disease that may be transmitted to other dogs. For dogs that require being medicated and constant attention, only Premium Boarding charges would apply.

In case of an emergency, we reserve the right to call for a Vet and attend to the medical needs of pets under our care, Vet and medical bills will need to be reimbursed as per actuals. All instructions will be carried out as per the decision of our vet alone, if the same contradicts any other vet you are free to take your pet to the other vet after discharging him from our premises.  The premises will not be used as a holding area for your pet.  The pet will need to be moved to a hospital for treatment.

If your dog is on heat or due to come on heat during her stay at the park you will need to inform us in advance so that she can be quarantined for her safety and the safety of all the other dogs within the facility.  There will be an additional charge of Rs 250/- per day for the period of her stay. 

During the stay, if your pet is due for delivery, please let us know so that adequate arrangements can be made to ensure the safe delivery of her puppies. Additional charges appropriate to the circumstances will apply including vet charges if any, we will not ask for permission for the same as the pet would require immediate attention.


With effect from 01 June 2021, it is mandatory to have your Canine chipped to use the services of the Park.  Microchipping gives your pet a unique identification number that can be easily scanned using an identification scanner available to most veterinarians.

Microchipping also helps in storing records of your Canine with us, on more than one occasion there are pets of the same breed with similar names, with a microchip we are able to identify the canine uniquely and administer any kind of treatment therapy and activity.

There are multiple benefits of Microchipping a Canine rather than using an external collar or a tag. The microchip cannot be tampered with and removed from the canine, nor can the same be doctored, altered, or removed as it is difficult to find the exact place where it has been inserted. The procedure is painless and does not need any replacement as there are no active parts in a microchip.  Your personal information is safe as there is no information stored on the chip other than the unique reference number which is pre-stored on the chip.

Q What is Microchipping?

A. The Process of implanting an identifying integrated circuit beneath the skin is known as Microchipping.  The size of a Microchip Implant would be 11-13 mm long and 2 mm in diameter.  It can be compared to a grain of rice.

Q Why is there a need to implant a microchip in your pet?

A.  Pune Pet Park uses a Microchip to identify and record the medical history of a pet along with the nature of the pet vaccines taken at regular intervals, identify the owner of the pet as well as ensure that the pet has a registered history and record of vaccines taken when any untoward incident props up, related to the pet medically and physically.

Q: Will a microchip tell me my pet’s location?

A. Pet Microchips are not tracking devices and as such do not work like Global Positioning devices (GPS). They are radio frequency identification (RFID) implants that provide a permanent ID for your Pet.

Q. Why does my pet need a microchip when he already wears a collar with tags?

A.  All pets should wear collar tags imprinted with their name and the phone number of their pet parent, while collars and tags can be removed and thrown away a microchip cannot be removed or become impossible to read.

Q.  My pet has a microchip, is that all I need to protect him when he gets lost?

A. Microchipping is only the first part, you must register your pet to give him the best protection, many registers charge you a fee for the same.  At present, offers free registration.  Pets Registered and Microchipped at Pune Pet Park will find their registration complete in this directory.

Q.  Does my pet require to be shaved on the area the microchip needs to be implanted?

A. No, your pet does not need to be shaved in the area where the chip will need to be implanted. Generally, this is done between the shoulder blades but with a difficult pet, it may shift towards either side depending on the vet.

Q.  Does my pet require to be anesthetized before being Microchipped?

A.  No, your pet does not need to anesthetize for the implant, the same is as simple as that of a vaccination.

Q. Are there any side effects to the Microchip?

A. As of now there have been no incidences that have highlighted with after-effects of microchipping hence this is deemed a safe and harmless process.

Q. Is Microchipping painful?

A. No, Microchipping is not painful, it takes seconds to administer a Microchip.

Q How much does it cost?

A. Microchipping can cost anywhere between Rs 1000 to Rs 2500.

Q. How long does a Microchip Last?

A. Microchips last for the duration of the animal's lifetime.

Updates While Boarding

While we try our best to please all pet owners to keep them updated about the welfare of their pets, we do understand and prioritize with first-timers, however, please do not keep insisting on us sending you photos as it becomes difficult, we are more concerned about the welfare of all the pets at the park, keeping them safe and healthy is more important than keeping you happy. 

We have stopped posting videos and photographs (Regularly) on social media as some of them have blocked our content and even blocked our Twitter handle.  Repeated requests have failed to recover our handle and we do not wish to change our handle nor delete any videos or photographs as they are general in nature and do not offend anybody. Hence the Free Updates option which was available earlier is not available anymore. With effect from 15 Mar, 21 Updates will be reflected in the Boarding Forms as follows

An update is in the form of a video lasting 15-20 seconds or a photograph.  There will be no added text.  Please refer to the FAQs below to answer most of the questions you may want to know about your pet while they stay with us.

1.  No Updates.

2.  Single Updates are sent directly to your WhatsApp or Signal Account with an additional charge of Rs 150 per day. You will be added to a group that gives single updates.  [Whatsapp conversations will be disabled in this group]

3.  Double updates are Rs 250 per day wherein videos and photographs of your pets are taken to focus on your pets only. 

4. For Pets whose stay exceeds 30 days weekly updates in the form of videos or photos are sent once a week at no extra charge. [All Paid updates are subject to Internet Connectivity and speed to upload Media Files] 

When you leave your pet with us, we treat him/her as our own baby so rest assured, she or he will be well taken care of.

The above charges are meant specifically to discourage Pet Owners from bothering the dog handlers who are looking after all the pets equally irrespective of who the owner is.  Updates once selected will not be changed during the entire period of their stay. Unless in case of an emergency please try to avoid calling us with questions in relation to their stay, here are a few questions you may be ready to ask us and these are the answers that you may get in return. Commonly asked questions.

Whenever any one of the following questions is asked we will refer you to this page to read the answers that we will be giving you.

Q.  Is he eating?  

Answer: Yes, he/she is eating, that's what you pay us for, to make sure that he/she eats their food and is looked after.

Q.  Did he sleep well?

Answer: No dog ever sleeps well in a different environment, if anyone tells you this it is not true, once the dog frequents our place a couple of times and is familiar with the dog beds, the staff, and the permanent dogs around he starts to relax and feels comfortable in his second home.  This is also the reason they sleep for 1-2 days after they get home, exhausted from playing and being alert all the time.

Q.  Did he drink water?

Answer:  The answer will always be Yes; we do not monitor how many times the dogs drink water but monitor their urine and stool (Not the number of times but the type and color of the urine or stool) which gives us a fair idea on the health and amount of water the dog drinks during his stay.

Q.  Does he/she trouble you?

Answer: Looking after pets is our Passion, we are passionate and have converted this into a profession for which you are paying us.  Thank you for being concerned but no pets trouble us.

Q.  Did he/she miss me, Is he/she feeling low?

Answer: Of course, your pet misses you, however, the number of days he stays with us is still used to your TLC.

Q. Have you given him his/her medicines?

Answer: If you have attached a doctor's prescription and have advised us to do so it is obvious that we will give him his/her medicines why would we ask you for a medical prescription in the first place?

Q. Has he/she had a bath?

Answer: For pets that stay with us for more than 10 days they get a free bath once a week during summer and once in ten days during summer and winter, please do not annoy us by repeatedly asking questions that have been answered before you boarded your pet.

Q.  I have not received a picture or a video of my pet?

Answer: If you have opted for Paid updates, we do not guarantee that we can send you pictures daily but yes you will still be charged daily.  The reason for not uploading pictures could vary as at times we do not have electricity and sometimes the net connectivity is extremely poor we may not be able to upload media files.

Q.  Is he having a good relationship with other dogs?

Answer: Each dog has a different nature, like humans, it is not necessary that your dog must have a good relationship with every dog if he plays with some and keeps himself happy, we are all happy.

Q.  My pet was hurt, is he okay?

Answer: If your pet was hurt and if you have declared this in the form, we will take care of him. It is a waste of time trying to find out whether your pet has been miraculously healed as soon as he enters our premises. If you have not declared, then you are an irresponsible pet parent, and please do not show your responsibility by asking us questions about his wounds, we may even ignore such questions.

Q. Have you taken my dog for a walk?

Answer: We find it rude and impertinent for people to keep asking us these questions without even looking at the routine they follow, please check out their Daily Routine here.

Q.  Is My pet, Okay?

Answer: Yes, he is okay, that's what you pay us for to make sure they are fine.

Q.  Why are you so rude in answering our questions?

Answer: Our place is built on compassion and connection with animals, we are not running a place for humans we are running a place for pets our staff go through a lot of hard work and are stressed, humans can read, but animals can't, the fact that we have a detailed website for the humans is to make sure that you are aware of everything and ninety-nine percent of your questions are answered here, if you have not read our website please don't blame us for being defensive.

Boarding Routine Followed at the Park for Canines

Boarding Routine for canines staying at Pune Pet Park

  • 5.45 AM  Wake up and Toilet Run.

  • 6-7  AM  Morning Meal.

  • 7-9  AM  Playtime/Socializing time for all breeds.

  • 7.30 to 10.30 - Socialising with visiting Dogs)

  • 9-11 AM  Into the kennel, some rest some continue playing.

  • 11  AM  Snack time - with a few commands and tricks.

  • 11-5 PM  Snooze time inside the Kennel with music.

  • Optional (Alternate Days - Dogs allowed swimming will swim between 2-3 PM)

  • (Swimming time during Summer will variate depending on the heat)

  • 5-6 PM  Evening Meal.

  • 6-8 PM  Toilet Run, Playtime.

  • 8  PM  Snack time - with a few commands and tricks.

  • 9  PM  Last run out for the night.

  • 9.15 PM Retire for the night.

Swimming timings are not fixed and could be at any time during the day. During the summer it is either in the evening or in the morning but mostly as stated above. Boarding Costs include food and the activities mentioned above.  No Home Cooked food is served.  Only Dry Dog Food as selected in the Boarding form is served for main meals.


Dogs undergoing Training at the Park are trained in between slots depending on their adaptability to various commands and the trainer. Please note this is just a general idea to give pet parents an idea of what their pet does during their stay here.  This routine is subject to change depending on the weather and workouts planned for the day.

Visitors During Boarding

No visitors are allowed during the Boarding period.  In the event the Pet Owner is unable to pick up his pet, the pet will be handed over after receipt of written authority from the pet owner via Whatsapp or email no other individual will be allowed to take the pet home or visit the pet at the facility other than the person booking the accommodation for the pet. Verbal phone calls are not accepted.

Pick and Drop Facility

The pick-and-drop facility is available at a cost of Rs 40 per Km. However, a minimum charge of Rs 500 per trip will be applicable for places less than 10 Km. This facility is now being offered to Non Members as well, however, this facility is not available for same-day booking.  Please specify the specific time of Pickup and allow 30 minutes plus/minus to accommodate the traffic rush.  This facility is available during the following timings

Pickup:  08:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs

Drop:     11:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs

Any pick-up and drop to be done outside these working hours will be charged at a flat rate of Rs 2000/- If your residence is 11 Kms from the Park you will be charged Rs 500 plus Rs 40 per km thereafter i.e. Rs 540. Airport Drops and Cremation Pickups will be charged at Rs 2000 irrespective of the distance within Pune City only. If you are using My Gate within your society please pre-authorize the entry for Pune Pet Park staff with the following details 

Name: Derek Demitrius Mobile Number: 7263900195

Please forward the authorized code to the above number to facilitate smooth entry and exit into your society.  Pune Pet Park staff will not make any entries in any register at any point, if entry is refused you will be charged for the Pickup as mentioned in the booking confirmation.

For all High Rise Buildings Pickup point will be at the bottom of the building or foyer of the building. For Bungalows and Row Houses, the Pickup point would be by the gate of the Row House or Bungalow.  Pune Pet Park staff are not authorized to enter any flat or Bungalow and please do not request the same.

The vehicle picking up your pet will send out a WhatsApp Live Location to enable you to check how far we are and organize the pickup and drop-off smoothly.  Please do not keep us waiting as you are delaying other pets.

Violations and Suspension of Services

Pune Pet Park reserves the right to Suspend Pet Services to Pet Owners (Members and Non-Members) The suspension could be for multiple reasons or one specific reason.


  1. Your dog is sexually aggressive and despite repeated notices, there has been no initiation to neuter him. Alternatively, A Behavioural course or a certificate from a behaviorist will be necessary.

  2. Vaccinations have not been administered on time.

  3. There is an outstanding amount that is due and despite repeated reminders, we have not received the same.

  4. Your dog needs basic training and socializing and has been misbehaving at the Park.

  5. Your interaction with our staff has been impolite and unbecoming.

  6. The terms and conditions mentioned on the website for the specific service are not being followed.

  7. Bad Mouthing services, provided by Pune Pet Park to other service providers for sympathy or negotiation on rates.

  8. Bad and False reviews given by the client. 

  9. Having lengthy discussions in the Update group provided specifically for updates.

  10. Pune Pet Park reserves the right to cancel or suspend the services to members or non-members without giving them any notice.

  11. To Reinstate your membership you will need to apply for a fresh membership with a written apology for the reasons provided. For Reinstated membership, we do not guarantee the same price for services in force for regular members.

  12. Suspension may be temporary but may lead to permanent if corrective action is not taken by the Pet owner.

To have your services resumed Please call us at 7263900195 or 8484043012 and we can clarify if it is possible to resume the services To have services resumed Please call us on 7263900195 or 8484043012 and can clarify if it is possible to resume the services

While every care is taken to ensure that we do not have dog fights or feline fights at the facility there are times when a canine changes his behavior as he grows up.  This is being monitored regularly at the Park and the Canine owners  are warned with various slips as and when a problem occurs at the Park

A Yellow Slip is awarded to a canine whose behavior can be corrected either at the Park or at home there could be simple basic commands that the canine has not been taught or requires attention.  The following are some simple examples only for illustration purposes only.

  • Excessive or unnecessary  Dominance

  • Dry Humping

  • Sexual Aggression

  • Food Aggression

  • Growling or attacking handlers

Once a yellow slip is issued or released the canine owner needs to take the onus of correcting the behavior of the dog by consulting the Park or by visiting a professional for behavior correction. Generally, every yellow slip would have advice on what needs to be done to correct the behavior.

A yellow Slip may also be issued to a Pet owner for the following reasons:

Inappropriate conduct of the Pet Owner towards his pet if found with Ticks and fleas and not bathed properly.

Non-Payment of Dues and Desertion.

Issue of a Yellow slip may lead to Blue Page reporting and subsequent  Suspension of Services.

An Orange Slip is issued when the problem is repeated after the issue of three yellow slips and the problem still persists.  The slips are reminders for behavior correction as the behavior of the canine/feline may inadvertently affect the canine/feline/pet themselves.  

A Red Page may not necessarily be issued but will be marked against the Canine/Feline/Pet and could also be the result of the Suspension of Services.  This information may also be shared with other Kennels offering services similar to the facilities we have. 

Blue Page Reports are basically reports based on the interaction between the canine/feline/pet owner and the management of the Park.

Following are some of the reasons why a Blue Page report may be required.

  • Unnecessary Calling or Chatting on WhatsApp, despite the Update Protocol.

  • Suggestions on how to keep their pet while the pet stays with us.

  • Accusations, Abusiveness, and belittling of the staff.

  • Violation of not reporting any prior medical the canine/feline/pet may have.

Blue Pages are issued in the form of Follow Up Reports or as a Blue Page Report itself. 

A Blue Page report is normally signed off by the Canine or Feline owner for his or her Behaviour towards the staff of the Park or for any of the reasons mentioned in the Suspension of Services.

A Blue Page may also lead to the Canine/Feline being issued with a Red Page.


All dues need to be settled in advance. An additional fee of Rs 100 per day will be chargeable for members and Rs 150 per day for Non-members will be payable for payments not done in advance.


For the benefit of customers, we have the following memberships at the Park.

Gold Membership

  • The Gold Annual Membership is Priced at Rs 12000/- and valid for one year.

  • Membership is not transferable and is valid for two dogs of Small and Medium Breed or one dog of a large breed in the Gold Category.  For Special Category the Cost of the Gold Membership will be Rs 15000 Annually for one dog, additional dogs will pay Rs 5000/- per dog.  Check out Breed Classification by clicking here

  • For every additional Small and Medium Category dog, an additional Rs, 1500/- would apply.  For every additional dog of the Large Category additional membership of Rs 3000/- would apply.  

  • Membership will be for one family only, Clubbing of family members, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, or cousins, is not allowed and may lead to termination of the membership if not declared initially.

  • For Sick and Old Dogs charges will apply depending on the nature of the dog and the attention required.

  • Please refer to the Pricing Tab for Pricing on numerous services offered at the park and a comparison with other Memberships and Non-Members depending on the Breed.

  • Guest entry fees will be Rs 100 per head.

  • As a member of the park, you have free access to the play area and the Agility Training area, you also have access to other paid services like the swimming pool, grooming parlor, and dog spa.

  • As a member you have the privilege of having discounted prices for all services at the park, please have a look at the Pricing for Gold Members. No Peak/Super Peak pricing.

  • Vaccinations are provided by the park free of cost, however, there is a Veterinary Fee that will need to be paid for the vaccines administered.

  • For functions being organized at the park, members will be given first preference before inviting non-member guests.

Gold Premium Memberships (Limited to only 10 Memberships By Invitation only)

  • This membership is limited to current Gold Members only and they should have been using the Park for a minimum period of six months.

  • All facilities are available for Gold Members as mentioned above.

  • No Annual Renewal Fees.

  • No Vet Fees on Vaccinations Administered.

  • No Walk-in Fees.

  • No Cancellation or Extension Fees.

  • Free Swim Sessions, however, any add-ons will be billed and a 25% discount given on the same.

  • 25% Flat discount on Bills including on Pick and Drop Facility.

  • Any additional pet will be included in the membership without the add-on charge.

  • The cost of Membership is Rs 1 Lakh only.

Silver Membership (Not available for Special Breed)

  • Silver Membership is for two canines only.

  • Silver Membership is valid for six months only.

  • The cost of Membership is Rs 8000/- for six months.  

  • If a Member wishes to upgrade his Membership will be credited pro-rata depending on the date of renewal requested.

  • Please click the pricing tab for the pricing of services depending on your breed.

  • Surcharge may be applied for Peak/Super Peaks Seasons.

Bronze Membership (Not available for Special Breed)

  • Bronze Membership is for two canines only.

  • Bronze Membership is valid for three months only.

  • The cost of Membership is Rs 5000/- for three months.  

  • If a Member wishes to upgrade his Membership will be credited pro-rata depending on the date of renewal requested.

  • Please click the pricing tab for the pricing of services depending on your breed.

  • Surcharge may be applied for Peak/Super Peaks Seasons.

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