Canine Hostel Services in Pune

Looking for a luxury dog hostel that goes way beyond a simple dog kennel? At Pune Dog Squad we let your pet enjoy their vacation as much as you do! Pune Dog Squad is just not a Boarding or Hostel for your pet, it is a Home away from Home for him/her. We treat your pets like our own children with clean, odor-free accommodation that includes an air-conditioned climate-controlled kennel. 


The kennel is a large, air-conditioned hall divided into two parts for small and medium dogs and the other for large dogs. The kennel's special dog beds are designed for them to lounge around with a music system and a TV. There are doggy doors where the pet can walk in and out as he pleases, giving him/her the freedom to choose his/her favorite spot. Trained dogs help in keeping your dog active and motivate him to play thus giving him a very playful and comfortable atmosphere/environment while his master is away.


 The pets are fed with balanced dry food, these can be chosen at the time of Boarding your canine with us depending on the owner's choice.  Home-cooked food is not served at our kennel.  Please do not place requests for special food as it is not possible, except for medical reasons wherein you will have to provide us with his food (Only kibbles) Cooked food cannot be served. 


The Kennel has its own set of Rules which every Pet Parent is required to read before they board their pet.

These are acutal site photographs

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